Coexisting Pollinators (2021)
Live Observation beehive 
1000mm x 1200mm x 364mm (total measurement) 
Exhibited at MetroArts for the 2021 Brisbane Art and Design (BAD) Festival

Co-existing Pollinators (2020-2021) challenges Anthropocentric ideas through a process of collaboration between bees and artist. Exhibiting a duplexity between art/science integration and environmentalism, the work consists of a large-scale observation beehive and beeswax art objects. In the hive live European honeybees are showcased building upon a uniquely shaped frame which visually represents topographical pollination mapping of factory-lane and surrounds. Entering and exiting through a chimney, during their time at Metro Arts, they will become vital contributors to the nearby ecosystem. The work is intended to encourage audiences to observe European honeybee activity and consider the impacts of honeybee pollination on the surrounding site.

This public art installation foregrounds ecocentric concepts where humans and European honeybees will peacefully co-exist in a shared space. Through a cross-fertilisation of visual art, communication, and design, the showcased art objects in Co-existing Pollinators encourage audiences to establish and enhance their ecological understanding of European honeybee activity and its importance. This employment of citizen science and observatory techniques prompts further investigation into the extensive social/philosophical changes required to mitigate and adapt to planetary ecocide’s crippling impacts.
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